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Mystery shopping services in Uganda, East Africa.

Are you looking to improve your customer service and take your business to the next level? Look no further than Magneto Limited, your trusted provider of mystery shopping services in Uganda and East Africa.

We’re good at being professional and paying close attention to details. We’re dedicated to giving you the best service possible. Keeping things confidential is important to us, and our mystery shoppers sign agreements to keep everything private before they check things out.

Our team of trained mystery shoppers will visit your business without you knowing and check out how well your customer service is doing. We look at things like if your staff knows their stuff if they’re friendly, and if customers are happy overall. After checking, we give you a detailed report with suggestions on how to make things even better.

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In-store Mystery Shopping

Make your customer service better with our Mystery Shopping services in stores across Uganda, East Africa. Our mystery shoppers will visit your store, check how well your workers are doing, and tell you about the overall shopping experience.
Magneto Limited In-store Mystery Shopping Services in Uganda, East Africa
Magneto Limited Phone Mystery Shopping Services in Uganda, East Africa

Phone Mystery Shopping

Enhance your customer service with our Phone Mystery Shopping services available in stores across Uganda and East Africa. We will call your business, assess the customer service provided over the phone, and provide valuable feedback.

Online Mystery Shopping

Make your website awesome for visitors with our online mystery shopping services. Our experts will check your website and online customer service to make sure it’s super easy and great for everyone. Upgrade your online experience and stand out!
Magneto Limited Online Mystery Shopping Services in Uganda, East Africa
Magneto Limited Competitor Mystery Shopping Services in Uganda, East Africa

Competitor Mystery Shopping

Discover more about your competition with Magneto Competitor Mystery Shopping services. We’ll check out your competitors and let you know how you’re doing in the market. Stay ahead of the game with Magneto!

Improve your customer service with professional mystery shopping services in Uganda and East Africa done by Magneto.

Service Consultation
Have a chat with our sales team to let them know what your wants and needs are.

Service Customization
We will then tailor the Mystery Shopping program based on your goals and preferences

Mystery Shopper Training
We will then train mystery shoppers on evaluation criteria and client expectations

Execution and Reporting
Lastly, we will implement the program, collect data, and deliver detailed reports to you.

Mystery Shopping FAQ's

Get ready for solutions to the questions people ask the most – you’re in the perfect spot!

A mystery shopping company is like a helper for businesses. They check to see how customers feel about a company’s products and services. Sometimes, they also help figure out what’s happening in an industry or give information to groups keeping an eye on businesses.

You can determine the reliability of a Mystery Shopping Provider (MSP) by considering a few factors: Is the business registered? Has the provider been around for a while? Check their history on social media, and lastly, call their number to see if you can talk to a real person.

A mystery shopping provider is considered great if it offers multiple services or products that complement the Mystery Shopping Program. Additionally, having a history, being registered with top-level organizations, and ensuring prompt response times are crucial elements for excellence.

A great mystery shopper is someone you can count on to follow the mystery shopping instructions and give the client the lowdown on the service or product they’re checking out. They’re friendly, easy to approach, and pay attention to the little things, acting just like any other customer. They’re also really good at writing and talking, making it easy to share all the details of their visit with the client. Most importantly, a top-notch mystery shopper can stick to the plan, stay focused during their visit, and uncover the info the client really wants to know.

Businesses use mystery shopping to figure out what they can do better. It’s like a secret check on different parts of the business—like the staff, services, how things work, and what products are offered. By teaming up with mystery shopping companies, businesses get useful info to make things better for customers, boost sales, and make more money. Mystery shopping is handy not just for improving things but also for checking out the competition, making sure everyone is following the rules, rewarding employees, and for investigations. It’s a smart way to gather facts that match the goals you want to achieve.

Getting into mystery shopping has a bunch of perks, and what’s cool about them depends on what your business wants to achieve. Check out these advantages:

  • Make More Money: Boost your earnings and make more profit for your business.
  • Stop Money from Slipping Away: Find out where you might be losing money and fix it.
  • Know What Others Are Doing: Keep an eye on your competition and understand what they’re up to.
  • Build Trust: Create trust with other businesses in your industry.
  • Happy Employees: Keep your team happy and satisfied with their work.
  • Do Things Better Inside: Improve how things work in your business.
  • Train Your Team Better: Find opportunities to train your employees and make them better at their jobs.
  • Keep Customers Coming Back: Make sure your customers stick around and keep coming back for more.

Businesses that deal with the public, offering goods and services to customers, often use mystery shoppers. Depending on what a business wants, mystery shoppers look into different things. Here’s a simple breakdown:

  • Spot What’s Good and What Needs Fixing: They check what’s going well and what needs improvement.
  • Feel what customers feel: Acting like regular customers, they see what everyone else goes through.
  • Check out other businesses too: It’s not just about your place—they see what other businesses are up to.
  • Make sure everyone plays fair. They check if everyone follows the rules and does things the right way.
  • Give a Thumbs Up to Employees: If employees do great things, they get a thumbs up for doing well.
  • Bring Back Real Info to Improve: Mystery shoppers share real info to help make your business better and more successful.

How often mystery shoppers show up at a business changes a lot, and it depends on what each client wants. It varies based on what the client is looking for in the mystery shopping project. Sometimes, mystery shoppers might drop by at different times to really check out the business in detail. They could visit more often, especially if they want to see how things are during different shifts or times of the day. Coming by more frequently helps get a better picture of how the business is doing.

We’ve designed a straightforward process to make it easy for you to bring us on board for your mystery shopping program. Here’s the step-by-step process:

  1. Service Consultation: We begin with a service consultation.
  2. Service Customization: Next, we customize the service according to your specific needs.
  3. Mystery Shopper Training: We then provide training to our mystery shoppers.
  4. Execution and Reporting: Lastly, we implement the program and handle the execution and reporting.

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